Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Koenigsegg CCR EVO 817 from Edo Competition

Already one of the fastest cars on the road, the Koenigsegg CCR is not the first time I had in mind when we think of walks that can use additional settings. He has already received 816 horses, after all, and may peak at about 245 mph. What do you want?
2011 Koenigsegg CCR EVO 817
2011 Koenigsegg CCR EVO 817
Well, that was before the new Agera came out. Now the previous generation of Koenigsegg suddenly seems a bit 'out of date. Thus in Great Britain Evo Magazine - Publications blessed garage full of supercars - led the JRC and the people of Edo Competition bit '... enhancement.

The house known for its custom fit Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche Koenigsegg care went to work on Evo, the reallocation of the ECU and set the pair of turbochargers. Then massage the transmission method for the transmission, brakes, updated, and the emergence enhaned inside the car and out.2011 Koenigsegg CCR EVO 817

The result is 891 horsepower, recalibrated to kick in at low speeds, faster acceleration at the expense of high-end. Follow the jump on all the details of the press release and check the mega-gallery of high-resolution images below in detail.

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