Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jaguar XJ

This is new variant of British Jaguar Company of luxury saloon cars series. Jaguar Land Rover has produced it since 2009 until now. The ancestor is Jaguar XJ X358.

Car model

The car only provides four doors saloon of body style. The engine powered is 5.0 L 385 PS AJ Gen III V8 produced 283 kW of horsepower, 5.0 L 510 PS supercharged AJ Gen III V8 resulted 375 kW of horsepower and 3.0 L 275 PS V6 Diesel generated 202 kW of horsepower. The car’s specification has 3033 mm of wheelbase for SWB and 3157 mm for LWB, the length of SWB is 5123 mm and for LWB is 5248 mm, 2111 mm of width and 1448 mm of height. The interior and exterior design are made by Ian Callum. Overall, the form of this variant is bigger than its forerunner. It is equipped with swooping taillights, called cat's claws, black roof panels each side of the rear screen and default full length sunroof. For the interior, it provides all LCD dashboards and soothe flaunts as well as a complex video and audio system.

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