Friday, April 1, 2011

Toyota Prius

Another variant produced and released by Toyota Motor Corporation in 1997 was Toyota Prius. This is a complete hybrid electric vehicle with moderate size of hatchback.

Car designs

The Toyota Prius is manufactured into third generations. The first variant was XW10. It was produced in 1997–2003 aiming of a hybrid car. The body style has 4 doors sedan. The second variant is XW20 manufactured in 2003–2009. It has 5 doors lift back of its body style, where the lift back is a middle size equipped with improving rear seat legroom and luggage room. Therefore, this variant utilizes A/C compressor electrically for cooling where it is joined with smaller and lighter NiMH battery and the pledge for hybrid gears is 160,000 km or 8 years. Hence, it is more efficient and powerful than previous variant. The last is XW30 produced since 2009 until now. It is a mid size vehicle with 5 doors hatchback of its body style. It is powered with liquid fuel and supplied with manual transmission. The performance of 1.8 liter of gasoline engine results 98 hp and powered with the extra power of the electric motor can give 134 hp. Then, it has increased torque, reducing engine speeds (RPM), fuel economy, smaller hybrid power train and more efficient.

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