Monday, June 13, 2011

Car Overheating

Car overheating is a condition when the car engine is too hot. It can be a serious problem for any car. Car overheating also can cause extensive and expensive damage when not fixed immediately. Learn our guides below how to fix car overheating! It may help you.

How to fix car overheating:
- Shut off the engine and open the hood, let as much heat escape as possible. Turn your ignition on so your heating system works. Turn on the heat and the blower at full blast for a few minutes in order to subtract more heat from the engine system.
- Then, check the engine coolant level in the radiator tank. Open cap and fill tank with engine coolant, if that level is low.
- Sfter it cooled off, start the engine in order to let the coolant or water circulate into the radiator system.
- Keep the engine running in "neutral". Fill more coolant or water into the tank until the level reaches the mark "hot".
- Last, close cap and watch the temperature gauge for a few minutes while the engine idles. You can safely drive on, if the engine does not overheat again.

Car overheating can be caused of simple problem like long uphill grades in extreme climate conditions, particularly if they are towing trailers. Have an additional oil and an additional water cooler installed to prevent car overheating.

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