Saturday, June 4, 2011

Car's Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Car's air conditioner is an important part in your car. How if your car's air conditioner isn't properly working? Troubleshoot it by yourself! You can fix it with our guides below.

How to troubleshoot your car’s air conditioner:
- First what you can do is look for leaks in the system. You may have lost refrigerant in the air conditioner due to a leaky compressor or O-ring seal. There may be a leak in the air conditioner hose. Identify the leak and repair it, before you recharge the refrigerant.
- Then, to determine if the cooling system has adequate pressure, attach air conditioner service gauges. Low pressure causes problems, even if there is adequate refrigerant in the system.
- After that, determine if the compressor's magnetic clutch is engaging. This may be a mechanical problem with the clutch, or it may not work because the refrigerant is low. Replace the air conditioner compressor if the clutch works but doesn't turn the compressor!
- Check for blown fuses and the wiring. Fix and resolve the underlying problem!
- Measure the temperature of the air in the car. The system has moisture in it and is freezing up, Ii the air conditioner blows cold air for just a little bit.
- Last, listen for excessive noise. It's usually the compressor, but it could also be a hose or belt that needs replacement.

If you get more trouble, we keep suggest you to contact your mechanic, anyway.

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